Leading the Way with Functional Innovation

High-tech, high-quality products that balance innovation and functionality are the hallmark of Plastic Plate, LLC [Plastic Plate], a growing global manufacturer that provides high-value solutions to its customers in the automotive and appliance markets. Our ability to design, mold and decorate makes us a true turnkey supplier. In developing a trusting partnership with our customers, we ensure the ability to succeed on time, on budget and with unlimited opportunities for mass customization.







Automotive Trim

From exterior to interior, automotive OEMs are able to achieve complete vehicle harmonization with Plastic Plate. We offer a virtually unlimited pallet of colors and textures for all interior components and even small exterior trim such as door handles and roof rails. Learn more...

Pics11aAppliance Trim

As appliances begin to reflect the homeowner's imagination, we are providing new finishes that complement a variety of themes. Working closely with design studios, we continue to create desirable finishes that appeal to sophisticated consumers. Learn more...








Automotive Trim

The finest in finishing and molding capabilities enable Plastic Plate to work with its OEM partners to achieve global market distinction and consumer appeal.

Our ability to deliver high-tech, high-quality products that balance functionality, effectiveness and innovation has earned us a reputation as a leader in decorative plastic plated parts for the automotive industry.

Plastic Plate makes available to its clients a full range of design, engineering, prototyping, testing, molding, painting, plating and other services for the production of various interior accent pieces, including parts for the console, doors, seats and instrumental panel.

Working closely with our customers, we are able to supply an enormous number of parts across many platforms, producing seat covers which house directional switches, door spears, air vent trim, radio trim, cup holders, steering wheel bezels and instrument clusters.



Appliance Trim

Washer and dryer rings are just one of many examples which showcase the molding and decorative finishing capabilities of Plastic Plate.

Our employees have taken great pride in demonstrating a long and consistent record for delivering products of superior quality and craftsmanship to the appliance industry.

At Plastic Plate, we offer complete integrated system and project management capabilities to OEM clients. With design and program management supported by tooling, production and process development capabilities, Plastic Plate can function as an international one-source turnkey supplier.

Our customers take advantage of a full range of design, engineering, prototyping, testing, molding, painting, plating and other services for the production of high-tech plastic components.